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Alain Robert is planning to climb the Cayan Tower in Dubai, the world’s tallest twisted tower two years after surmounting the world’s tallest tower Burj Khalifa. Robert is currently waiting on permission from Cayan to proceed, however.

The tower, which is 310 meters tall, was inaugurated in Dubai’s Marina District in June. Its design is inspired by the structure of human DNA. The building is rotated by a 1.2 degrees to achieve a full 90 degree twist. 

With Bare Hands, the story of the human spider, is published by Maverick House.

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Kindergarten in Thailand

Paul Garrigan lives in Thailand and his new book ‘Muay Thai Fighter’, about his attempts to learn this ancient martial art, will be available shortly.

In Paul’s newest blog post, he updates us on his son’s kindergarten experience in Thailand. Click the link below to read on:


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Brilliant Books by Garret Petros


Brilliant Books by Garret Petros

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Irish author Leanne Waters catches up with viewers about her new fiction work ‘The Inheritance’ and her recent interview on RTE’s The Saturday Night Show with Brendan O’ Connor (May 2012) 

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Blog post on mortality…

Paul Garrigan, author of upcoming book ‘Muay Thai Fighter’, has written a new blog post with some interesting musings on mortality.

Click the link below to check it out: